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Liminal States is divided into three books set in three different time periods. The first book, taking place in the 19th century, details the fight between Gideon Long and Warren Groves and the discovery of a pool with unusual life-prolonging properties. Chapter six of the 1874 section was made available as a sample a couple weeks ago. The second book takes places roughly 75 years later. The world is familiar but changed and a new order has begun to assert itself in American society. Written in the subjective style of a hardboiled detective novel, this book follows Casper Cord, a former cop who works as a detective to cover for his real job. If you want knowledge of the nature of the mysterious water to remain a secret until you read the novel, you should not read this sample chapter.

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This is the second of three sample chapters that will be made available for Liminal States. Thank you for reading and be sure to like us on Facebook and join our mailing list for news about the upcoming contest for more advance reader copies of the book.

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