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Today I bring you two rough tracks created by Conelrad for the Liminal States project. The first is a short, onimous drone I have titled First Transit. It was actually done when the project was still in the pitching phase with the publisher. It conveys the ominous presence of the early chapters. You seem to be reading a traditional Western story, but a terrible storm is building.

Download - "First Transit" by Conelrad

The second track, Briars and Brambles, is a prickly track that sounds a bit like an old west tune playing through a broken phonograph. The New Mexico Territory, as portrayed in Liminal States, is more terrible than beautiful. Nature and men alike conspire to do harm. Rather than an inspiration, the looming mountains, plains and sweeping skies serve as a reminder of a man's pitiful place in creation. Every step is through the brambles.

Download - "Briars and Brambles" by Conelrad

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