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When I first approached Conelrad about getting involved with LIMINAL STATES my original concept was of an an LP released at the same time as the book. For months we labored towards that goal, but it became clear that it was never going to quite come together. There was too much ground to cover thematically and the man behind Conelrad was busy getting a Ph. D.

Nevertheless, the collaboration has produced several full-length tracks in a rough, but complete state. All of them have working names like "rough track 7" or "test track 5" but I have assigned them titles based loosely on what was being discussed in relation to the narrative. With the artist's permission I will be posting these track's periodically here on the site along with a little background information.

I have titled today's track "The Oscuras" after a small, ominous mountain range in New Mexico. I like the name of the range and its location makes it central to the events of LIMINAL STATES. When Conelrad discussed creating this track we talked about sparse landscapes and using guitars. The resulting track is probably the least like anything Conelrad fans have heard before, but it is one of my favorites.

Download - "The Oscuras" by Conelrad

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